Julia Harrison

Julia Harrison

Medical Partnership Coordinator

E-mail: harrisonjulia5@gmail.com

Date Of Birth: 17.12.1992

Brief info

I graduated from Dartmouth College in 2015, where I studied Biology and Ethics on a premedical track. While many years in school have taught me how to analyze health issues, I felt that my formal education was missing some crucial lessons on the human experience. In order to engage my soul as well as my mind, I deferred from medical school and spent most of 2016 working with rural communities in Madagascar. The unnecessary and unjust suffering I witnessed reinvigorated me in my studies as a medical student.

Through all my travels, I have found that people everywhere have the same fears, the same needs, and the same hopes. I have always been an optimist and someone who is drawn to action. I believe that progress is made through persistence and partnership.