David Parks

Public Health Advisor

David obtained his MPH at Emory University (USA) focusing on global health and infectious diseases within complex humanitarian emergencies followed by an MSc in WASH Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds (UK). 

David has extensive clinical and practical field experience within various settings and countries such as Armenia, Georgia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, and Madagascar and he has made important contributions to our H4O fieldwork between the years 2016 and 2020. Most notably, David led the H4O WASH KAP Survey on the island of Nosy Komba and in the designing of one of the H4O Water Supplies on the island of Nosy Mitsio.

David Parks currently serves as a remote public health advisor to H4O, providing assistance and advice in all matters related to improving Malagasy public health by way of H4O interventions and project activities.

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