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In many developing countries, access to education, public awareness and specific training is a pressing constraint, especially for members of rural communities. Madagascar is not an exception and although local inhabitants have an astonishing in-depth knowledge of their own lands, local resources and centuries old methods, they lack access to information and specific training. This makes entire communities very resilient to survive but, at the same time, extremely vulnerable and incapable to boost their own development.

The role of H4O within the framework of Skills development is to train community members on specific sectors through Training of Trainers (ToT) activities. With this objective, H4O sets Community Management Committees (CMC) in each community that benefits from the projects and train new Junior professionals in charge of O&M. Training programmes are people-centred and fully endorse the principles of “on-the-job training” and “learning by doing”.

Activities enable selected villagers to self-produce each component of the infrastructures (sanitations, water supplies…), to manufacture finished products starting from raw materials (toothpastes, soaps, chocolate…), to develop entrepreneurial skills to boost the employment prospects and to empower people to take decisions for the life of their families and communities.
We believe in lifelong learning as an opportunity to increase the resilience of each community, better preparing us to react to environmental, social and economic challenges and to scale H4O programmes.

Social enterprises

Enable community members to create their own job

The Tsara Tsiky Enterprise embodies H4O soul and the way we transmit competences, skills and expertise, which is one of the most rewarding project of the entire H4O work.
The Tsara Tsiky Social Enterprise started from scratch to create the first Lab that produces medicated toothpaste with fluoride and disinfectant soap in the whole Madagascar.

The Lab needed to be set and a new team of local women needed to be created. To do so, we created a partnership with the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Turin (Italy) and a Pharmacist spent few months in Madagascar combining both theoretical and practical training.
Therefore, H4O employees got expertise on how to produce toothpaste and soaps starting from raw materials. Moreover, a specific training for the social enterprise management has been carried out.

The H4O Tsara Tsiky Social Enterprise senior staff also trains selected interns among the excellence of the school for the production of the toothpaste. They quickly learns the notions given by Tsara Tsiky’s senior staff that opens more opportunities for their future careers.


Enable/empower communities to self-make toilets from scratch

The aim of the H4O Sanitation programme is to provide each private house, school and Health-Care facility with toilets.

However, to enable selected community members to self made every single component, and to build autonomously an entire bathroom from scratch, it exponentially increases the impact of the Sanitation Programme. In fact, in all the villages that benefit from this Programme, three teams of local builders are selected and trained. The training enables the teams of each village to self-produce in series each component such as squat toilets, bricks, pits’ panels, sinks, and to build up one working bathroom from scratch. This is possible thanks to special tailor made moulds made of fiberglass filled with concrete, which is the only raw material used.

The serial production is the key for the project to be autonomous and scalable until the time we will ensure access to improved sanitation for all.


To master communities for Operation & Maintenance activities

Within the framework of Skills development H4O aims to enable communities to be autonomous in all the phases and facets of its Water Supply projects. 

With this objective, in each village that benefits from the programme, H4O sets Training of Trainers (ToT) activities in which H4O master builders train one local team of Junior professionals to build the whole water supply with them. Afterwards the Team will be capable and in charge of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) activities. Moreover, for what concerns the operative and financial management, H4O helps the community to frame Community Management Committees (CMC) with the aim of engaging and empowering the whole community for what regards choices and decisions about public natural resources such as Water.

Our training programmes are people-centred and fully endorse the principles of “on-the-job training” and “learning by doing”.

Hygiene promotion

Training of Treainers to spread good practices

A focal part of our Software intervention consists in Training of Trainers (ToT) activities. In fact, our Hygiene, Sanitation and Nutrition Promotion interventions start with the training of schools’ teachers for them to be involved as responsible for the future of the children of the schools and the future promoters within the whole community.
Each professor is also involved in the choice of sentences to be included in the customised posters hung in schools so that the messages are clear and concise. Thanks  to  these activities, each new hygiene promoter felt part of the project and acquired a sense of ownership.

Another key part of the projects also consists in the Training of school interns. The H4O Tsara Tsiky Social Enterprise senior staff that carried out the Hygiene Promotion interventions, train selected interns to produce the toothpaste but also and above all for what concerns the good practices of personal hygiene and key notions about determinants of health and the route of transmission of communicable diseases. The girls, already selected among the excellence of the school, quickly learned the notions given by Tsara Tsiky’s senior staff and embody the future trainers and promoters.


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