For Italian citizens who want to donate the 5×1000
from their Income Tax Form.

This is an awesome gift
that does not cost you anything…

Just indicate our Fiscal Code (97781690017)
in your Income Tax Form (Dichiarazione dei redditi)


Who can donate a 5×1000?
Whoever does the tax return has the possibility to allocate their 5×1000 to a specific non-profit organization such as Help for Optimism – ONLUS.

● How to donate the 5×1000?
In the model for the tax return (730 or ACT) there is a space dedicated to “choice for the target of five per thousand IRPEF”. Choose the area for the “support of voluntary and other non-profit organizations of social utility” and include your signature and the number of the tax code 97781690017.

● How much is your 5×1000?
The 5×1000 is the same regardless of the donor’s income. The 5×1000 is not calculated in relation to the donor’s income, but is calculated with respect to the total of all 5x1000s paid to the Internal Revenue agency and to the number of signatures obtained by Help for Optimism – ONLUS.

● Does 5×1000 have a cost?
No. The decision to allocate your 5×1000 does not result in any additional tax to be paid. If no choice of 5×1000 is made, the State shall take its place.

● I can earmark 5 per thousand to two associations?

 No, you can only make a choice and allocate the 5×1000 to one association.

● Is the 8×1000 the same thing?
No: you can only donate the 5×1000 to Help for Optimism – ONLUS. The 8×1000 remains in force, but does not replace it.